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Customers can only pay for this service via an online Paypal invoice. Attached to those invoices will include an agreement to fulfill specific services only. This way, customers are not charged for any other services, know exactly what they will owe, and cannot be charged more than once and by any other financial entity than Paypal.

Your greatest resource is your time. - Brian Tracy

With Admin Hoc Technical Services, I pride myself on protecting your time, data, and your money. Before hiring us, even for the quickest fixes, you'll know how much time and money it will cost to help you. If those services cannot be fulfilled within that time frame, then you don't pay anything. When those services are fulfilled, then you're securely invoiced and have free assurance for a minimum six months. It's hard and smart work on our end and the best of both worlds for you. Respecting each other's time is one of the best ways to make strangers feel safe and empowered.                                                                                          DeShawn Harden, Owner of Admin Hoc Technical Services


Paypal Buyer Protection

Paypal’s Buyer Protection Policy can be found by clicking the image here, but we can highlight how it benefits and protects you the best.

Paypal processes all payments, not this website or company.

 You have 180 days to file a dispute if there are any concerns.

This protection covers unauthorized transactions and services that are significantly not as described.


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